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We're Serving You Outside of The Studio

After a hiatus, we've returned to SoundCloud to connect our artists with the South Carolina music scene and the South Carolina music scene with the digital world.

Every day we have talents walk through the door in need of exposure. Part of exposure is having proper distribution for your music. Distribution is the ability to have your music shared across platforms to connect with existing and potential fans. Without having distribution, it's extremely hard to build fanbase because your music isn't accessible to anyone except for your inner circle. Why? Because that's who you can personally reach.

Distribution has changed over the years. It's gone from standing on the corner and handing out CDs to every person that passes to uploading your music for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Spotify and more. When you give someone a CD that one person has access to your music. When you can get your music placed online on streaming platforms the entire world can access it.

Our goal with our SoundCloud is to build a Quantum Beats community where artists who record here can check out other talents. Every month we'll be compiling a playlist of hit songs of we've heard recorded at Quantum Beats and along with it we'll be having a monthly listening session. Follow us on SoundCloud, click here.

We also have distribution packages available at Quantum Beats. Call us at (803)-865-0105 to learn more.

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