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South Carolina presence on Baby on Baby

Today is a borderline national holiday in the Carolinas following the release of Baby on Baby from Charlotte, North Carolina's very own Da Baby who is the latest rapper to emerge from North Carolina in a major way.

All through the Carolinas snapchats, tweets and Instagram posts and stories are surfacing with the solid blue Baby on Baby cover which Apple Music has ranked as the 12th most streamed "album" in the world. Despite being a North Carolina rapper, South Carolina is championing Da Baby just as hard. Outsiders may questions why, but the answer is in the credits.

Jetsonmade and 1st Class Flyght are two South Carolina producers with mixtape credits. Jetsonmade is a popular producer in the South Carolina music scene. Despite having a large stake in the industry, he still works with native rappers. Jetsonmade produced five out of 13 songs on Baby on Baby. In Instagram post, he announced Suge, Goin Baby, Carpet Burn, Tupac and Back End were all produced by him, making him responsible for almost half of the project. Producer 1st Class Flyght earned a placement Carpet Burn, the 12th track on the album which he collaborated on with Jetsonmade.

Baby on Baby dropped March 1 under Interscope Records

South Carolina studio owner AJ "Juice" Lee, who owns Quantum Beats Studios, also owns Audio Box Studios in Charlotte, NC where the magic for Baby On Baby occurred. Da Baby has been recording at Audio Box for a couple years now and even features production credits from Audio Box's own "20" on Baby Sitter featuring Offset and Joggers featuring Stunna 4 Vegas.

Baby on Baby is not just cause for celebration for Da Baby and his team, Billion Dollar Baby Ent., it's a reason for all of the Carolinas to celebrate. Right now, all the industry eyes are on us. If you haven't heard the project, you can stream Baby on Baby on all major platforms now!

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Tiara Brown
Tiara Brown
Oct 18, 2022


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