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Our Second Listening Session is on the Books

On February 18th at 8 pm, we'll be hosting our second listening party of the year at Quantum Beats. Our listening sessions are open to artists and producers who want to share their music with fellow artists, tastemakers and DJs and network!

We created these listening sessions to give artists a place to share their music for feedback and find like-minded artists and/or producers with whom to collaborate. The best place to find co-collaborators are at events that show they're able and willing to put in the footwork like you!

At our first listening party Mz. Classy Ent gave away offers for tour show placement with her "I Love the South," tour to three lucky artists. She also had a word of advice to offer to the artists after event which included networking tips and personal presentation. Check out footage from our first listening session, here.

Get in on the action at our second listening session on Monday, February 18 at 8 pm! It's President's Day. Chances are you'll have the day off anyways.


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