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Master Music Monday: Distribution 🔑

Distribution is the act of sharing your music with people with the goal of building a bigger fanbase, increasing streams and/or selling units (CD's, merch, etc.) Uploading music to Facebook and Instagram are examples of distribution, but many artists let this be their downfall. Get ahead of the competition and get your distribution game together.

Digital Distribution

Without distribution, your audience consists of your friends and family-- which is great, but it's not going to make you rich. To get attention for your music, you need to implement a digital distribution strategy. Primary digital distribution platforms include iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Youtube, Soundcloud and Shazam. To get your music on these platforms, there are several outlets that can help. Popular ones include Tunecore, Distrokid and CD Baby.

Physical Distribution

CDs and vinyls are the definition of physical distribution. Though many argue CDs are on the way out, it's all about positioning. Rather than selling CDs as music, position them as merchandise or collectibles.

CDs are useful because they're a good way to make quick cash, share your music and they have replay value. A CD can be passed on to one person or 20 people. If you're going to sell CDs that's great, but make sure you support a physical distribution with a digital distribution plan. Need CDs? We can get them printed for you!

The key to distribution is to have it and make it interesting. If you need help figuring out a creative way to capitalize on digital and physical distribution, we can help you plan your distribution strategy . Call (803)-865-0105 to schedule your $35 distribution consultation today.

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