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Jetsoo talks Building A Rap Career at 17 Years-Old

In his first-ever interview, Jetsoo sat down with Ivey With An E to talk Columbia's budding music scene and his experience navigating the industry at 17 years old.

If you watch his videos, Jetsoo seems like an outgoing kid, but sitting down with him he was a bit reserved and admittedly nervous about his first on camera interview. His friend Tev was there, tucked away in the corner for support, keeping Jetsoo on track and making sure he didn't miss a detail when he answered his questions. It's admirable to watch the way these two work together.

Jetsoo has been on the music scene long before high school. He started making music in middle school and quickly built a street team around himself called, "Top Notch Entertainment," which has successfully thrown several parties around the city. These parties have allowed Jetsoo to amass a solid following. "A lot of people forget to look at the kids and I think I've cornered that market," Jetsoo commented. Currently Jetsoo boasts over 10 thousand followers on Instagram and tends to get dozens of comments from his following. They're dedicated and supportive.

Since joining the rap scene, Jetsoo said he noticed support between fellow rappers and other members of the scene is hard to come by. He said that's one thing he would like to see change. While his journey has had its ups and downs, Jetsoo's been fortunate earn the attention and support of South Carolina's top dawgs such as Savani, Nation Boy and Jetson which has led to attention from some major outlets like Say Cheese Digital.

If you're an entrepreneur or creative of sorts, there's definitely a lot to learn from the 17-year-old on building notoriety and building an audience. Check out the full interview above.

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